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Digital Adoption is vital for the success of any Digital Business Transformation journey

Both for B2B or B2C companies

So whether you’re just starting out your brand new adoption strategy or if your business is seeking to achieve the full ROI of technology investments, you may be tempted to better understand the role of an experience-first approach.

Many online articles will tell you that you should focus on digital adoption tactics such as change management, communication and training programs, reinforcing activities, Experts, but that’s not always enough. Developing the digital skills of your Employees to cover the digital gap that prevents your Business to succeed in the digital transition is far too critical for your organization to not attain its optimal Human Experience.

In this guide, we’ll dive into some essential tips if you’re considering how to drive business results, providing a roadmap to manage and scale up your successful digital adoption strategy.

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What is Digital Adoption?

As a result of Digital Transformation, organizations are implementing new software to support their operations

While these tools are necessary, for end-users it may be perceived as an obstacle, as digital dexterity is not the same for all and so is the ability to quickly learn several new skills. 

Moreover, Gartner defines digital friction as the unnecessary effort an employee has to exert to use data or technology for work, as getting engaged and fluent with these platforms is challenging, limiting the ability to realize benefits and achieve the expected ROI.

A Digital Adoption strategy is aimed at enhancing the quality and speed of software application or website adoption, enabling users to be fully independent and the enterprise to achieve ROI more quickly, as digital transformation is often one of the top priorities for businesses results.

Technology has to be provided fist hand to users with a human-centric approach, and a Digital Adoption strategy overcomes any digital frictions, embedding learning in the flow of business activities to optimize outcomes and productivity, providing a better user experience.

What is a digital adoption platform?

How to start your Digital Adoption strategy

With increasing interest in the results and benefits of managing digital dexterity and overcoming digital friction, Organizations are developing best practices to develop their adoption strategy

If you have decided to start your own digital adoption strategy, it’s important you keep the following three points in mind.

  1. First of all it is crucial to involve the relevant process owners from the business side, as well as the IT team
  2. Seek for a Digital Adoption Platform and proceed as quickly as possible with a proof of concept on a small sample size of a critical business process
  3. Evaluate the results: demonstrate the impact and understand the benefits for your Organization having a baseline of potential KPIs, including the evaluation of results of an experience-first approach.

Let’s deep dive into these steps.

1. Stakeholders identification

DAP’s range of impact can make it difficult to identify specific roles and responsibilities

Choose your stakeholders opportunistically, starting from business-critic processes-owners impacted  by high Helpdesk costs, or from HR functions, where processes are managed by phase and can be periodically planned throughout the year, which require to guarantee an optimal User Experience.

Stakeholders identification
Require to guarantee an optimal User Experience

2. Choose a Digital Adoption Platform

The DAP vendor landscape is widening exponentially, as is the increased interest in it by Organizations.

Top capabilities required by a Digital Adoption Platform:

  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Ability to identify different user roles
  • End-user functionalities
  • Availability of customisations options for UX
  • Security and compliance (e.g. GDPR)
  • Mobile devices compatibility
  • Administration functionality (low-code/no-code approach)
  • Availability of reporting, analytics and data visualization options
  • Vendor service, support or partnership model
  • Possibility to cover different cross-industry solutions
  • Pricing model (e.g. unlimited users, languages, ..)

3. How to evaluate the results of a POC

Establish a baseline for actual scenario and expected results, to demonstrate the impact and understand the benefits, with a clear projection of the most crucial KPIs for your Organization.

Impacted KPIs can include (but are not limited to):

  • reduced direct costs on the volume of technical support calls, lowering Help Desk costs
  • reduced training costs in terms of content creation, versioning, and delivery
  • reduction of time an employee has to invest to understand a new application
  • increased productivity
  • increased data quality
  • increased users satisfaction (encouraged self-service, reduced users abandons)

Setting a clear view of the increased success and improved results that Digital Adoption can give, will most definitely ensure sponsorship from senior management, turning a successful Transformation project into a corporate-wide best practice, whereas other units and departments could very much scale up on Digital Adoption benefits and success.

Focus on: the role of an experience-first approach

Let’s dive into the importance of choosing a Digital Adoption Platform that focuses on Human Experience rather than simply offering a solution for guidance or walkthroughs

Non-optimal user experience can be one of your major problems in achieving the full return-of-investment of your technology implementation, especially where Cloud solutions do not allow to model existing layouts in a detailed way.

Start by thinking if you could act with a tailor-made approach to enhance the UX, how much this could benefit the whole workforce just by implementing a simplified interface, which turns into a more intuitive and easier approach for all users.

Next, think about how you’ll customize specific requirements and custom controls over each functionality of your application. 

Plan out your Digital Adoption strategy by providing a better user experience, with a human-centered approach. This gives you a chance to drive an innovative solution to manage digital dexterity, and begin to form a relationship with users, based on their needs and expectations from technology.

For example, imagine to improve the following interface like this:

Rather than a simple walkthrough, you can provide a whole simplified user experience, to encourage self-service and reduce time spent to complete the process.

How to scale up your Digital Adoption strategy?

As you will have experienced the benefits of Digital Adoption, you may be interested in expanding your Digital Adoption strategy across the Organization.

New generation of Digital Adoption Platforms allow for self-configuration, so that customers can be autonomous with their support design and management, otherwise this approach could quickly turn into a counterproductive investment. Of course, in this scenario, it will be crucial to set up an internal team to make this initiative efficient, in terms of design and building.

Becoming independent on this aspect, without the need to rely on external services, is a strategic approach to a technological layer that can make the difference for your Organization at all levels, with regards to how Digitalization projects are implemented and carried out. It is more cost-efficient, and less time-consuming. This may also include institutionalizing the governance model, improving continuously and creating awareness, including DA into change management.

How to scale up your Digital Adoption strategy?
New generation of Digital Adoption Platforms

If you’re unsure about what applications to target first, now is the time to figure it out.

The best approach is to leverage analytics to improve constantly, to recognise areas of improvement in the products implemented and or in communication/user engagement.

This will help your stakeholders understand the benefits, and how to refine your DA strategy, scaling up across the enterprise, and identifying new opportunities for achieving the ROI of your overall Digital Transformation program.

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Viviana Rosetti

Graduated in Sociology, she has been working for more than 15 years in consulting-oriented companies focused on the development of innovative solutions for the management of Digital Transformation and Change Management. Sales Manager for the direct market of myMeta, supporting customers in dealing with changes in the business context, redefining the relationships between organization, processes and people through digital adoption.

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