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A Catalyst To Enterprise Digital Transformation

Lou Leporace
Apr 24, 2023

A Catalyst To Enterprise Digital Transformation 

Today’s enterprise digital transformation initiatives deal with more complex customer- and employee-facing application layers. Overwhelming software sprawl makes it difficult to understand and manage application adoption, usage, experience, and performance. Firms have been able to track the usage and experience of customer-facing applications, but driving adoption has been a challenge — and more so for employee-facing applications. 

One catalyst to driving a successful digital transformation effort is the use of a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP). While digital adoption platforms have been available for several years it has only been in recent years that DAPs have come to offer cross platform workflows and tailored user experiences, key features that make them a great way for companies to compress onboarding time and increase efficiency and productivity. I am often surprised by how many people are unaware of this technology category and now that businesses are looking to do more with less, now may be a great time to explore a DAP. 

DAPs enable firms to continuously track and improve adoption, usage, and experience for all users. Fueled by market changes, today’s DAPs help tech leaders be data-driven and insights-led in managing enterprise software adoption and user experiences. 

For those who may be new to this category of SaaS offerings here are a few advantages that you can expect to receive from a Digital Adoption Platform:

  • Increase engagement through a tailored user experience that is visually consistent, appealing, and intuitive. The tailored user experience enables companies to quickly adapt to changes in both the market and their application stack without disrupting employees or negatively impacting productivity. A DAP improves retention, engagement, and productivity by creating a customized, branded and uniform experience for each individual role and skill set across all applications. 
  • Drive the adoption and use of enterprise software. DAPs have been instrumental in managing the process of learning, adopting, and using enterprise software by all user roles. Strong features to track user engagement, provide contextual and personalized nudges, reduce effort with automation, and provide on-demand assistance help users better engage with enterprise software. DAPs can reduce support ticket volumes, enable users to quickly become proficient in the use of enterprise software, and improve user experiences.
  • Improve the visibility of customer- and employee-facing applications.Enterprises crave better visibility into how customers and employees engage with the software they use for work and, more importantly, the challenges users face with it. DAPs report on user behavior and application journeys, identify points of friction that result in poor experiences, and provide actionable recommendations to improve process and software adoption. Advanced platforms can track, report on, and influence user behavior to improve adoption and manage software-related change for enterprises.
  • Boost the return on investments in employee-facing software. Most enterprises are dealing with software clutter due to multiple vendor solutions, departmental or functional procurement of software, and unused licenses, particularly in the employee-facing app stack. Advanced DAPs proactively track and report on usage, adoption, and software performance to help enterprises understand the value of their current application environment and optimize licensing.

DAPs and Customer Experience 

Fluid and intuitive digital experiences are what drive business. With a commitment to evolve customer experience and business performance, a DAP helps drive technology modernization initiatives to their greatest level of efficiency and productivity helping companies to do more with less. 

Large enterprise customers often have numerous interconnected applications containing terabytes of information running on a variety of systems from on-prem to private and public clouds. A DAP helps to protect this investment and simplify its use by providing a role based tailored user experience that spans applications and services. 


As businesses look to reshape their applications to drive customer experience, a quality DAP vendor will assess the application complexity, and current state of technology stack to create a well-defined roadmap and drive business value. 

Digital adoption platforms enable continuous transformation and help enterprise customers work smarter and more effectively by rapidly building streamlined workflows tailored to their company and their industry. This high degree of agility without having to touch the underlying applications themselves allows companies to get the most out of their current technology while also being able to quickly react to changing economic conditions, shifts in the marketplace, and fluid consumer trends and behaviors.

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