myMeta transforms your Salesforce into sales success

myMeta is the ultimate tool to finally empower your teams with a CRM implementation that doesn’t scare them away. No need to share manuals and guides, myMeta can do everything for you and more. Change Management is finally not a burden but a synonym of “Success”, and myMeta can guarantee these results for the organization.

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myMeta to speed up productivity to Salesforce

Enables a learning in the flow approach, with in app guidance and orchestration to fulfill your business processes and cut training costs.

Salesforce customers realize significant results:

100% Coverage of requirements
70% accelerated productivity
90% imporved data quality

myMeta Benefits and Results

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myMeta for Salesforce

See how Digital Adoption with myMeta can make the difference in your use of Salesforce. Sales, Marketing, Support, and others will be empowered to fully extend their utilization of the CRM, increasing their performance and improving business intelligence across your organization.

Salesforce customers realize a 110% improvement in data accuracy, 90% increase in engagement, a 70% reduction in support costs, and a 100% use of required features.

Key Features

Filter / disable / expand data fields based on specific customer requirements and process instructions

Target prospects more accurately with customized workflows, a tailored UI, and accurate forms completion

Improve the accuracy of your reporting and analytics with autocompletion and highlighting of data fields

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