myMeta empowers your Workday projects and your transformation journeys

If your HR team is asking for customizations that you’re struggling to deliver and the support team is overwhelmed with requests, you need myMeta Software.

If your tech stack is getting bigger and you’re expected to create a unified experience out of multiple applications you need myMeta Software.

With myMeta you can turn any HR Cloud application or set of applications into a solution tailored to your needs, and one that your users will finally adopt, no training needed

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MyMeta Software Will:

Reduce support and helpdesk costs
Shorten time-to-competency
Reduce time searching for assets
Simplify processes rollout for all countries
Avoid errors and confusion

Workday Users Will Experience:

Increased  productivity
Full data accuracy and quality
Greater use of self-service processes
Significantly reduced learning curve
Enhanced knowledge retention
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Use myMeta to adapt and to adopt Workday

See how Digital Adoption with myMeta can make the difference in your Workday projects. Both HR and users will be empowered to fully extend their utilisation of the platform, increasing their performance and achieving true success for your organization.

Realize a significant performance increase:

90% employee adoption
70% reduced support costs
100% coverage of requirements

Key Features

streamline and automate the onboarding process for an engaging employee end-to-end experience including payroll provisioning, benefits provisioning, provisioning application access, purchasing/shipping of equipment, training, and more.

simplify, streamline, and automate the hiring process and provide a better experience for any individual employee role, for hiring managers and for interviewers.

set up integrations with apps to automatically grant the right permissions to the right people. Or create a custom workflow that grants an employee access to certain systems once someone signs a contract. The approval process can be cumbersome. PTO approvals, expense approvals, invoice approvals, and document approvals can overwhelm. Streamlining and simplifying these processes can help your team stay productive and happy as they spend less time waiting and working on tedious tasks.

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