myMeta empowers your SAP S/4HANA projects and your Transformation journeys

myMeta can do a lot more than just making your processes understandable and usable. Especially with custom applications, where micro-features would require a massive rewriting of the majority of the application. myMeta can improve your results and deliver more success for your initiatives.

myMeta to adopt and adapt SAP

Revamp old but savvy software with in-app guidance and a new user experience.

myMeta Software provides several key benefits:

Increase user productivity
Optimize Return Of Investment
Boost data accuracy and forecasting
Add key functionalities to optimize User Experience

myMeta Benefits and Results

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myMeta for SAP S/4HANA

myMeta's approach to a transactional ERP solution is very simple: allow users to perform all of their tasks error-free, in a timely fashion, and guarantee success for the organization. With its proactive functionalities, together with the ability to evolve and improve the user experience of your SAP S/4HANA environment, myMeta scales your ERP ensuring better business results for the organization, the workforce, and all those who interact with it.

myMeta helps to strengthen your corporate compliance and provide error-free data input from your users, thanks to the ability of myMeta to validate and confirm any data. The use of myMeta ensures that all company policies can be brought to each user's attention at any point in time, everywhere in the system. myMeta is your driver to transform not only your processes, but also your S/4HANA implementation.

Key Features

Filter / disable / expand data fields based on specific customer requirements and process instructions

Validate data capture /customizable controls on specific fields /ensure that all data and matrixes are correctly compiled based on the user accessing it / mandatory fields are focused and highlighted

Next steps become available only when previous steps have been correctly completed / Proactive controls on user input data, anticipating any compliance risk and errors / Cross-Platform Adoption guides users between S/4HANA and other third-party systems (payroll / travel / intranet portal / digital workplace)


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