Take your sales to the next level with our cloud-based solution

One of the biggest issues with your sales software is simply getting your sales team to use it let alone use it well.

Through the use of myMeta in the sales process, sales people experience streamlined processes and enjoy an engaging user experience resulting in accelerating the lead-to-close process, and driving revenue growth.

Now your sales team will not only use your system but will use it well.

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Streamline processes and amplify your win rate

At their core, sales business processes deal with identifying leads, researching their needs, offering the products/services that will appeal most to them, and closing the sale. Your sales people need agile, scalable tools to remain competitive in a world of constantly changing applications and processes.

myMeta eliminates digital friction in each step of your sales process:

Lead Generation and Research
Lead Qualification
Demonstration of Products and their Value
Prospect Journey
Delivery and Support

Close deals faster and increase revenue

The use of myMeta's DAP in sales allows the department to speed up purchase orders, sales prospects, and new contracts in a system. myMeta also facilitates lead generation and research, sales meeting processes, product demos, purchase order creation, quote generation, and closing activities. Maximize your revenue potential and give your sellers the realtime support they need to navigate business-critical CRM apps with ease and accuracy.

myMeta Benefits and Results

Key Features

Faster time to purchase orders, faster identification of sales prospects, and an increase in new contracts in a system

Target prospects more accurately with customized workflows, a tailored UI, and accurate forms completion

Improve the accuracy of your reporting and analytics with autocompletion and highlighting of data fields

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