myMeta Software is Perfect for Employees AND Customers

myMeta can do a lot more than just making your processes understandable and usable. Especially with custom applications, where micro-features would require a massive rewriting of the majority of the application. myMeta can improve your results and deliver more success for your initiatives.

myMeta for Employees

Drive and accelerate successful onboarding programs using real-time nudges toward best practices.
Increase productivity through a tailored user interface, in-app guidance and automation.
Augment traditional training programs by learning while doing within each application.

myMeta For Customers

Unify the customer experience across channels to amplify the experience.
Understand where customers are challenged and remove the points of digital friction.
Keep your brand relevant and keep your community engaged for a long time to come.

myMeta by Role


Supercharge employee engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with custom workflows, a tailored UI, and step by step instruction directly on your enterprise applications.

Gain full visibility into your HR tech stack and understand where users are struggling. Then make data-driven solutions using myMeta Software’s personalized experiences for automation and engagement.

Personalized onboarding workflows and contextual training that helps your workforce in the flow of work.
Greater productivity by reducing complex employee processes.
Time savings by automating tasks in and across applications.
Happier support staff by reducing support tickets and eliminating employee frustration across enterprise applications.


Improve Salesforce Productivity with Greater Software Proficiency

Let’s face it, one of the biggest issues with your sales software is simply getting your sales team to use it let alone use it well.

With myMeta Software you can create engaging experiences for your sales team that will not only have them using your system but using it well.

Accelerates new hire onboarding
Maximizes sales productivity
Improves Sales data quality
Improves digital adoption of software
Streamline Salesforce processes from lead to close.

myMeta Software provides a visual representation of CRM and sales app usage, enabling informed, data-driven decision-making needed to accelerate sales adoption, performance, and revenue.

With myMeta Software’s tailored UI and customized UX you will create engaging user experiences for your sales team, accelerate lead-to-close processes, and automate workflows to drive revenue growth faster. myMeta Software delivers the actionable insights needed to increase app adoption across your sales org.


Improves digital adoption of software

Automate repetitive tasks and get more out of your applications with an efficient, intelligent approach to workflows and processes.

myMeta Software is the platform for digital business. Built for a fast-changing world, myMeta unifies and streamlines business applications and processes for greater productivity and innovation. 

Track and measure user adoption rates and product-usage metrics

myMeta Analytics provides deep insights into how your users are engaging with your product – from onboarding to product feature usage reporting. Use the data to improve your product and measure the effectiveness of workflows.

Always-on training for new users and continuous learning

Get new users familiar with your products and services with in-app onboarding and adoption workflows. Turn new users into power users in no time.

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