myMeta empowers your Oracle projects and your transformation journeys

Want to ensure complete adoption of new processes without your helpdesk being overwhelmed by support calls? myMeta is your driver to transform not only your processes, but also your Oracle implementation, in a true Human Experience for all of your employees.

myMeta to adopt and adapt Oracle

Simplify processes, drive productivity and tailor your User eXperience to your Oracle solution.

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myMeta Benefits and Results

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myMeta for Oracle

myMeta can do a lot more than just making your HR processes understandable and usable. Especially with regards to adopting a new corporate-wide HR system, myMeta can speed up any organization “time to success” and ensure the level of satisfaction for all users and leadership.

Wondering what did go wrong during training or with your processes and workflows? myMeta's analysis can tell you. myMeta is your driver to transform your Oracle implementation, in a true Human Experience for your employees.

Key Features

Filter / disable / expand data fields based on specific customer requirements and process instructions

The layout of any Oracle page/module can be enhanced to become more intuitive and personalized / Cross-Platform Adoption guides users between Oracle and other third-party systems (payroll / travel / intranet portal / digital workplace)

All data and matrixes are correctly compiled based on the user accessing it / Mandatory fields are focused and highlighted / Next actions become available only when previous steps have been correctly completed

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