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Keep teams happy with a single, all-in-one solution that is easy to implement, even easier to use, and best of all affordable.

Many B2B companies treat their price model as a competitive secret, but myMeta is transparent with its pricing.

myMeta believes that simplicity should not come with a complex cost. 
We provide one comprehensive package that provides all of our features and we price the package based on your company size, Small to Medium or Large Enterprise.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a difference in features or performance between the SME and large enterprise editions?
Which software application platforms are supported?
Is the pricing really that simple?
Can you really deliver on your promise?
I have so much invested in my platforms. How do I improve them?
What advantages will the myMeta Software services provide?

myMeta allowed us to adopt and to adapt SAP Concur and Trainline, to fulfill our requirements and to drive learning-in-the-flow and engagement.


Giovanni Iacobelli

Head Digital HR & Business Process Framework, Telecom Italia

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