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Adopting Generative AI for Your Customer and User Experiences

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining user and customer experiences as we know it with generative AI coupled with big data and large language models ushering in a new phase that promises to radically improve the user and customer experiences.

Lou Leporace
Sep 12, 2023

​​Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining user and customer experiences as we know it with generative AI coupled with big data and large language models ushering in a new phase that promises to radically improve the user and customer experiences.

Every company is focused on realizing the groundbreaking potential of these technologies in a safe and secure manner.

AI is now being used to automate tasks, personalize interactions, and generate content. Chatbots can now use generative AI to answer customer questions, resolve issues, and provide product or service recommendations.

Generative AI can analyze data from customer interactions to suggest comprehensive case summaries, making it easier  to update knowledge articles, enabling the organization to learn and improve its customer experience based on past interactions.

As businesses contend with a rapidly evolving and ever changing digital landscape, customer expectations continue to soar, creating an increasingly challenging environment for businesses. Customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized.

This pressing demand, coupled with a highly competitive environment, has left many companies striving to meet these expectations while also managing their resources effectively. This is where generative AI comes into play.

AI’s role in customer experience and user experience has been largely predictive to propose the best next action, be it a product recommendation, a beneficial article, or an enticing offer, based on predefined human outcomes. Generative AI is revolutionizing this process, taking customer and user experiences to an entirely new level.

Generative AI can generate completely new outputs, akin to a seasoned human agent who anticipates consumer needs and offers solutions even before they’re asked. It can augment the capabilities of human agents by generating personalized responses, curating relevant knowledge articles, providing instant answers, and crafting accurate case summaries. 

Human agents can focus on complex, higher-touch interactions that necessitate a human touch. The integration of generative AI offers a more efficient and more personalized customer experience.

Customer agents have faced a daunting and time consuming task of searching through databases, poring over documents, and filtering through countless resources to find the exact solution for a customer’s problem.

Generative AI is now a powerful assistant not only rapidly delivering answers, but also crafting personalized reply recommendations. Each resolved case is transformed into a knowledge article for future customer queries. 

Enterprises want to embrace generative AI, but have been cautious in adopting these new tools due to their associated risks, including data leakage, data integrity, privacy, and, perhaps most of all, data governance concerns.

While the vast majority of IT leaders believe generative AI will help their organization take better advantage of data, many of those also say they are concerned that implementing generative AI will introduce new security risks to their data.

Companies are filling this trust gap while supercharging customer experiences and company productivity with generative AI that is specifically built for businesses. 

Finally, companies are focused on ensuring that their generative AI technology stack frees employees from mundane tasks so they can allocate time to projects that only humans can complete, like establishing long-lasting customer relationships or thinking creatively to solve complex challenges.

The transformative power of AI is poised to reshape the customer experience enabling a revolution that will uplift the capabilities of human agents, not rendering them obsolete.

AI is set to overhaul the user experience completely, revolutionizing the way companies interact with their customers.

In this increasingly competitive digital landscape, those who harness the full potential of AI will thrive and develop a significant competitive advantage.

As companies grow and evolve the brand experience for their customers there are several aspects to consider:

  • Tailored UI for the type of visitor interacting with your brand
  • Workflows that seamless span platforms in your infrastructure or tech stack
  • AI assistance to streamline and automate interactions in a meaningful and personalized manner

Getting all of the pieces to work in harmony to create a world class experience can be tricky, however, in recent years solutions have been developed with this very goal in mind. Today’s modern DAPs make the creation and delivery of such experiences very straightforward. 

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