myMeta and Consultday Announce Partnership to Accelerate Digital Transformation Journey of Organizations

Andrea Rubei
Mar 20, 2024

myMeta and Consultday enter into a strategic partnership to help customers accelerate their digital transformation journey, providing a better user experience, increasing productivity and ensuring the return-on-investment of digital transformation projects and technology stack.

Both organizations are committed to driving digital transformation by ensuring that software not only gets implemented, but also adopted and mastered by end-users in the most effective manner. The synergies between myMeta's Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) and Consultdays comprehensive HR tech consulting services are unmistakable.

Ton Groot (Co-Owner Consultday): 

“In every assignment we see customers struggle to create a coherent and user friendly experience for HR and payroll related processes. We believe that successful digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies, but about making them part of the fabric of a business. That is easier said than done due to the cross functional and cross platform nature of HR.“

With myMeta we are now able to create a robust Digital Adoption Platform to help drive the adoption of our customers' technology stack across every department, at every stage of their processes and maximize productivity at scale. As an independent consultancy firm it is important to have a platform that can support multiple HR platforms.

Emilio Orlandini (Managing Director at myMeta): 

“We're thrilled about our partnership with Consultday. As a global frontrunner in Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), we can make great strides with Consultday’s knowledge and network in the Benelux. We both understand the challenges organizations face while implementing new technologies. This partnership will allow us to address these challenges more comprehensively, ensuring that our clients not only implement but also effectively use and derive value from their technology investments."

About myMeta

Founded in Italy and now operating globally, myMeta specializes in making software use and employee experience seamless and effective for businesses. Integrating with major enterprise platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Workday, and Salesforce, and leveraging over 30 years of combined expertise in Digital Innovation and UX.

The team, rich in experience from the tech and gaming worlds, is focused on humanizing digital experiences through intelligent guidance, tailored UI, and advanced workflow automation features including the use of generative AI.

About Consultday

Based on the belief that the HR IT domain is becoming more complex than necessary, Pim van den Brule and Ton Groot started Consultday back in 2015. Together with the Consultday team, and in collaboration with multiple other organisations, they are working on the HR organization for the future.

Making employees enthusiastic about their work and making them think differently about HR and HR IT. Consultday provides an outside perspective of the HR IT domain. Optimization, a new design, making the right choices, and making the world of HR simpler.

For more information on this partnership, please reach out to the respective points of contact in each company.

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