myMeta and PwC Italy Join Forces to Transform Digital Adoption

Thanks to myMeta, PwC Italy can now expand their world-class services with a cutting-edge Digital Adoption Tool to create exceptional digital experiences for its clients.

Andrea Rubei
May 27, 2024

In an exciting development aimed at revolutionizing digital adoption in organizations, myMeta, a pioneer in Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) solutions, is proud to announce a joint business relationship with PwC Italy, a leading consulting firm, which now expands their top-notch services to deliver exceptional digital experiences to its clients.

This alliance signals a concerted effort to streamline digital transformation journeys for organisations across Italy and beyond, setting a new standard for user-centric digital adoption strategies.

A Joint Business Relationship

Combining myMeta's cutting-edge AI-driven solutions for simplifying enterprise software usage with PwC Italy extensive expertise in change management and digital transformation, this collaboration promises to redefine how companies approach their digital projects and user training.

Together, we aim to make the adoption of new digital tools seamless, intuitive, and highly effective for users, spanning a wide array of platforms commonly used by organizations such as SAP, Workday, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, and many other enterprise softwares.

Key Offerings and Benefits

This alliance will introduce innovative features that drive business growth and enhance productivity, including:

  • Intelligent Guidance: Step-by-step guides implemented in softwares to empower users to become proficient in any digital tool from day one.
  • Tailored User Experiences: Transform platform user interfaces without lengthy development cycles and customize the look and feel of any enterprise software.
  • Generative AI Features: Boost user productivity overnight with AI injected into any app while ensuring data privacy.
  • No-Code and Low-Code Environment: Accelerate deployments for rapid results.

A Message from the Leaders

Emilio Orlandini, Co-Founder and COO at myMeta, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:

"Our alliance with PwC Italy is a significant step forward in revolutionizing digital adoption. By combining our strengths, we're leading the way in making digital adoption seamless, intuitive, and transformative."

Riccardo Donelli, Partner of PwC Italy, commented:

"The collaboration with myMeta will allow us to further expand our offering and give us the opportunity to accompany our clients on their digital transformation journey in the most effective way. We aim to implement the efficiency and effectiveness of digital adoption by integrating learning directly into workflows and harnessing the potential of AI."

Looking Towards the Future

With myMeta's expertise in digital adoption and PwC Italy's innovative approach to digital experience design, this joint business relationship is poised for success both locally and globally. Together, we are committed to advancing digital adoption practices and driving meaningful change for organizations worldwide.

For further information on this exciting collaboration and its implications for digital adoption, interested parties are encouraged to contact the respective companies directly.

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