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Radisson Hotel Group Revolutionizes its Support Ticket System with myMeta

myMeta supports the transformation of the Support Ticketing process of one of the biggest hotel groups in the world, Radisson Hotel Group.

Andrea Rubei
Jan 17, 2024

Welcome to a customer success story where innovation meets efficiency. Discover how Radisson Hotel Group revolutionized its support ticketing system with myMeta.

Before myMeta, Radisson Hotel Group employees faced a lengthy, tedious process for logging software issues, submitting tickets, describing problems, capturing screenshots, a cycle that drained time and productivity.

Each ticket required back and forth communication with developers, delaying solutions and impacting work. Let's hear it from Johan Mattsson, Product Owner at Radisson Hotel Group, on how the process was before:

"One of the challenges that we had in the past was that the tickets coming from the actual users were quite low, because they were standing in the hotels directly with the guests and did not really have the time to open a ticket. They would have to go to external platforms, spend a lot of time building up a case, sharing all the details and attachments that would be needed to create a ticket. So what often would happen is that the times when they did encounter an issue, they would share it with their superior, and then the superior would put up the ticket for them. So a lot of information got lost directly on the way, and the volume of tickets were quite low as well. So we were missing the feedback that we needed for developing our platform."

With this challenge in hand, Johan and his team went out to search for a solution that was easy, quick, and reliable to implement. Their heads quickly turned to myMeta, as they already knew its transformative power:

"We needed to push adoption for our platform, and we needed to do it quickly. And by waiting for a lengthy development cycle to be in place, and waiting for a maintenance window, we didn't have the time. But we did have the myMeta digital adoption platform, which we got already for the step-by-step intelligent guides. And then we already had Quantum Metric on top, for support gathering or the data gathering of the user behavior on the platform. By integrating both, we could add myMeta directly and build this module dialogue with a build which allowed us to do it super quickly without any interference on the actual platform."

Indeed, with myMeta, you can deploy solutions much faster than traditional deployment cycles and get instant feedback from the user.

The team, leveraging myMeta's innovative software, introduced a user assistance button, visible on every page of Radisson Hotel Group's company software. When an error occurs, employees click the button, quickly categorize the issues urgency, and provide a brief summary.

No more lengthy descriptions or extensive details. Additionally, essential information like application, browser, and location are captured automatically. Let's hear it from Johan on how the process is now after myMeta was implemented.

"Previously, we realized that only 8% of the actual users would log the tickets. Today, with the MyMeta x Quantum Metric integration, we see that all of the actual users can log the ticket directly in the platform. They don't need to go to their superiors anymore to have them log in on the platform. They can just click the button. When they're standing with the guest, and just mention directly what has happened, click submit, and then it's transferred directly to Quantum Metric and being logged. And the front-end agent can continue their work. So this speeds up the whole process flow for both the user, they can get the support they get out of the way, and also for the support team."

And what about developing the solution with MyMeta? Anything that stood out?

"Using myMeta was very simple, both with the no-code feature and with the simple coding functions. Even I was able to create the buttons and the module that we needed and apply it to the application directly. It did not take a lot of time to actually see what was going on in the screen and I could modify it, save it, publish it and have instant feedback from some of the users and then improve it directly without a lengthy developing process."

Back in the IT department, Quantum Metric filters sessions where myMeta assistance was activated, allowing the team to view a replay of the issue, gather key information, and analyze the problem in real time.

The power of Quantum Metric becomes evident as it can rewind to see what caused the issue, check user actions, and even identify similar errors to assess their recurrence and impact.

The support team can filter data over time, gaining insights into issue occurrence and patterns.

And just like that, the company transformed a complex process into a streamlined, efficient solution.

Logging and resolving issues became simpler, faster, and more effective, thanks to myMeta Software and the Quantum Metric integration.

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