Software Engineer

Full Stack Developer – Digital Adoption

Carmignano di Brenta, Padua

Job Description:

In order to strengthen the team dedicated to the development and implementation of myMeta – Digital Adoption Platform, we are selecting a Full Stack Developer.

You will work closely with other software developers and with the Product Manager in a young and dynamic environment for the development of new software features, also taking care of the research and development aspects.

Research site: Carmignano di Brenta, Padua

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analysis and development of web solutions for the improvement of the User Experience of web pages
  • Drafting of technical requirements relating to the solutions to be implemented
  • Autonomous analysis of CSS code and Javascript contained in a pre-existing web page and use/enhancement of the same to improve the user experience (Reverse Engineering)
  • Work closely with Solution Consultants and Front-end Designers, interpreting the client’s needs and proposing alternatives where necessary
  • Time management and reporting of any possible issues that may arise to the Project Manager


  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5 (HTML, CSS 3 and Javascript)
  • Good knowledge of at least one framework for the creation of Single Page Application (eg Angular.js, Angular, React, Ionic etc.)
  • Willingness to deepen and update at 360 ° in technologies/frameworks used in the web world (both frontend and backend)
  • Knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform suite, or more specifically at least of the basic tools offered by Firebase (eg Firestore, Nodejs, Functions etc.)
  • Problem solving, curiosity
  • Good communication skills (written and spoken) in English
  • The following will make the difference:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or similar)
  • At least 2 years of work experience in the creation and/or technical maintenance of websites and web applications for both the Front-end and the Back-end part
  • Proactive approach to work, organization and attention to details
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Attitude to achieve goals

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